Sunday, September 26, 2010

Throwback Saturday

Saturday's Iowa Football game with Ball State was termed a "throwback" to the year of 1960, the last year of Forest Evashevski as head coach of the Hawkeyes. The uniforms were the most notable momento to the the team of '60, but there were a few other ways to honor that team.

Although not a throwback to the 1960 team, Danan Hughes was the analyst on the Big Ten Network. He teamed with Wayne Larrivee who has announced games in the conference for over twenty years. Hughes was a member of the Hawkeyes in the late 80s and early 90s graduating after the '92 season. Hughes played both football and baseball in college and went on to play with the Kansas City Chiefs.
The black helmets with Tiger Hawks were replaced with gold helmets featuring black numbers. Each helmet sported the name of the player who wore that jersey in 1960. For those that didn't have a coordinating number, "Evy" was placed above the facemask in honor of the coach.

Greeting members of the media as the exited the press box elevator was the lifesize bobblehead of former Hawkeye coach, Forest Evashevski.

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