Monday, September 20, 2010

Night Out on the Town

Orlando and Las Vegas have as many similarities as they do differences. One thing they share is the quality of fine dining. Restaurants cater to people from all around the country, if not the world. And these restaurants can be found in many different locations.

Moon Fish in Orlando is one of the better dining experiences I have had. The fact that it resides in a strip mall does not diminish the quality of food you will receive. Steaks, fish and sushi are the highlights of this restaurant not far from International Boulevard. Portions are more than generous, and no matter how full you become, you don't want to leave anything on your plate behind.

And what better is there with a good steak than a nice glass of wine. A variety of wines greet you with something your taste buds will enjoy.

While sounding very formal, Moon Fish is a very casual place to dine. A good place to take the spouse, meet business clients or relax with friends. Moon Fish will not disappoint.

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