Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Iowa - Iowa State Game in Photos

This week ESPN on ABC had the broadcast of the Iowa v Iowa State game from Kinnick Stadium. The announcing crew of Ron Franklin and Ed Cunningham spent much time in Iowa City to prepare for the week's telecast. It started on Thursday when they attended the last physical practice in preparation for the Iowa State Cyclones. They returned Friday to sit down with Head Coach, Kirk Ferentz and the coordinators. That was preceded by a video session by the announcers, taking a closer look at each of the two teams in the day's contest.

Very few get the opportunity to ride the team buses to the stadium. This is my view - The Best Seat in College Football.
It is estimated over 20,000 more than capacity descend upon the University campus on this day. Many of those stay in parking lots like this passing the time with food and drinks within.
Mike Riggan and his equipment truck outside Kinnick Stadium

All kinds show up in Iowa City. Above is one who doesn't fit in.

A first of a television network visiting Kinnick Stadium, they did their open from the Video booth and not within their network tv booth next door. The reason ESPN on ABC found this site compelling is that is allowed the viewers at home to see into the stadium, and not of the skyline (University of Iowa Hospitals). Both Iowa and Iowa State's video staffs had a little over two minutes to set up in time for the opening kickoff. Below is the video:

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