Monday, October 18, 2010

Night Out on the Town

With the new Big Ten divisional realignment the conference decided to place Wisconsin and Iowa in seperate divisions, which is very unfortunate. Iowa leads the series 42-41-2 and in recent years has become one of the better rivalries in the Midwest. Another reason it is unfortunate the series won't be continued is the proximity of the two schools to one another and the love each fan base has to travel a short three hours to watch their beloved team play. This is the last time the Hawkeyes and Badgers will play until at least 2013, and this year's game is in Iowa City. This means the black and gold fans will not be able to eat at one of the Big Ten favorite diners, Mickies Dairy Bar.

If you have spent time in Iowa City imagine Mickies to be the Madison version of the Hamburg Inn #2. Mickies Dairy Bar is known for its breakfasts and shakes. Of course a dairy bar in the state of Wisconsin better have good dairy and Mickies doesn't disappoint. It is a must when visiting the restaurant across the street from Camp Randall Stadium.
But the best part of Mickies Dairy Bar are the breakfasts, which are served while they are open. Above is the signature scrambler served wtih an assortment of vegetables, meats, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, eggs and "Yanks," their version of potatoes. Of course it is served with toast and gravy. If you have a cardiologist, it is best you bring the doctor along--although any doctor will deter you from ordering this. To finish this mammoth breakfast one must either be very hungry or very hungover, as it is typical that this little diner is packed with UW students on a Sunday morning after the State Street bars close.
Mickies was featured on Discover Wisconsin's special on Diners, Drive Ins and Dairy Bars. It was shot on the day the Hawkeyes played at Wisconsin in 2009. Notice the number wearing black and gold inside. Hawkeye fans know good food and where to find it.

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