Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jif and the Choosy Mothers

Who says you can't go home. On Saturday night a reunion took place at the Chrome Horse Saloon in Cedar Rapids of more than just a band. The popular KRNA morning personalities of "Those Guys in the Morning" formed a band in the 1990s and came together after a long hiatus for a one-time performance. "Those Guys," Mark Vos and Glenn Gardner still headlined the group, but this time took on a new feel as it was the new popular morning duo of KZIA who put the band back together and performed with them on the night.

But it wasn't only a reunion of a band that took place, but the return of music from a generation who may not listen to the popular format of KZIA, and it was the return of many familiar radio personalities whom the many in the crowd listened to years ago. The music list included many hits from the time "Those Guys" were popular in Eastern Iowa, ZZ Top, Blonde, DeadEye Dick, and it had the fans on their feet dancing and screaming for more.

The radio personalities transcended different periods of radio since the 80s and showed a camaraderie that many wouldn't expect as they battled for ratings on each of their own stations. KZIA's own morning crew of Schulte and Swann were very involved throughout the night. Scott McGill of Scott, Mark and Cecily from KKRQ in Iowa City joined the band for one song while Tommy Lang (former KRNA and currently KCJJ) and Ted Burton Jacobson from KKRQ also could be seen within the crowd.
An off-week in the Iowa Football schedule allowed my wife and I to attend the one-time event, and Jif recognized the bye week with a salute to the football team.
But it wouldn't be complete without the unofficial song of Iowa Athletics, "In Heaven There is no Beer."

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