Monday, October 11, 2010

Night Out on the Town

Some of the better served food can be found at either out of the way, dive restaurants or in small towns. Located on the square in the dutch town of Pella is the Windmill Cafe. While Pella may not be small to some of the surrounding communities, it has the small town feel with Midwestern hospitality.

Not only is the food good, but it is inexpensive. Many of the dinner entrees on the menu are less than ten dollars, and for a 1/3lb hamburger and fries the price will be less than five dollars.

The selection on the menu is diverse. Breakfast varies with the standard eggs and toast as well as pancakes and oatmeal. It is served until 3pm. Lunch not only has the many different sandwiches, but wraps, soups and salads. And dinner features many different entrees including roast beef, turkey and usual fixings.

As seen below the portions of the sandwiches aren't shy. At some restaurants in Iowa, tenderloins exceed the size of the bun, but are as thin as a piece of cardboard. At the Windmill Cafe the tenderloins not only exceed the bun, but are very thick. Definitely worth every penny.

Pella has much to offer. In May the town shuts down and celebrates its Dutch heritage in a three-day event called Tulip Time. Along with the delicious cafes and restaurants, it is also home to some of the best pastries in Iowa. No trip to Pella would be complete without a stop to Jaarsma Bakery to pick up a Dutch Letter. During Tulip Time lines extend out of this little shop down the corner, competing with VanDer Ploeg Bakery. Either place offers fantastic breads, cookies and other pastries.

Not only is it home to the annual Tulip Time in early May, but it also home to nationally ranked Central College Football. The Windmill Cafe and the assorted bakeries are not places where many would tailgate prior to a Flying Dutch football game, but it would be a good place to enjoy a good post game meal and desert.

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