Monday, October 4, 2010

College Football Week 5

As Iowa takes a week off from the regular season schedule, we will depart from the regular routine. Instead of our weekly picture of our sideline favorites, we went with pictures of those working in the fields to feed the world....Sitting around the hotel allows me the opportunity to watch a few games. However I was disappointed to see ESPN2 pre-empt the Miami (Fla) - Clemson game in lieu of soccer. Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated said it correctly in a tweet, "we only care about this sport once every four years."..... Georgia and Colorado would be considered a match-up of two of the naton's premier programs, if this was the early 1990s. Now it is a contest of two programs that continue to fall (and in Colorado's case, free fall) out of the nation's elite. .... Oregon proved it is worthy of being ranked ahead of Boise State after a sound win over #9 Stanford. The Ducks have an offense that is hard to stopped, but wouldn't it be interesting to see what it could do against the #1 Defense in America?... Although it has only been one week, the Big Ten is beginning to show who the elite is, and who falls behind them. Ohio State remains unbeated, and highly ranked. Iowa defeated Penn State by the same score that Alabama did. Michigan and Michigan State will fight it out this week to place themselves in the position of being amond the conference's elite... And LSU's Les Miles did better than purchasing the winning lottery ticket Saturday night. A counting error by Tennessee saved the Tigers and Miles giving them an extra play, eventually giving them the win. LSU fans won't tolerate many more clock issues...

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