Thursday, October 21, 2010

Iowa - Wisconsin on ABC

The battle for ownership of the Heartland Trophy for at least two years is on the line this Saturday in Kinnick Stadium. Iowa and Wisconsin battle for the last time until at least 2013 as conference realignment for divisional play takes play next season. The game will be shown live on ABC in Big Ten country with the rest of the USA seeing it on ESPN. Sean McDonough, Matt Millen and Heather Cox with the call.

Typical for all televised games the announcers will show up to the game site a day or two before Saturday. Millen decided to get in some extra work on his teams by watching video Thursday morning.

A self-described Video Junkie, Millen enjoys the preparation that goes into his broadcast and watches as much video as he can. After about two hours in today he asked for a place to eat nearby. I suggestd a couple of different places in Coralville but declined to travel so far from the complex. The next suggestion turned to the cafeteria at the hospital. And quicker than he could set the remote down I found myself on a walk to the UIHC for lunch with the ABC analyst.

Showing him the different selections offered he settles on a deli sandwich like myself with chili and chocolate milk. We sat down and talked pro and college football as well as the time commitment it takes to balance his many duties for the ESPN networks as well as the NFL Network. At one break I told him I regretted that I brought him to the hospital cafeteria as there are so many other options in Iowa City. Downplaying it he said that he is as "low maintenance" as they come and he couldn't be happier with the sandwich, soup and chocolate milk.

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