Friday, August 12, 2011

Big Ten Network Fall Tour

The Big Ten Network is conducting their Fall tour of Big Ten schools as they prepare for the upcoming season. Iowa was the fourth stop of the tour and the finishing spot to Leg 1. BTN started out in Madison, Wisconsin then travelled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lincoln, Nebraska and ended up in Iowa City. This has become an annual tradition for the BTN crew consisting of host Dave Revsine, former coach Gerry DiNardo and former player, Howard Griffith. The show was shot today and will be post-produced before going to air sometime next week.
 The BTN crew arrived early Friday morning from Lincoln, Nebraska. The 1am arrival time made for a short night as the Hawkeyes began practice at 8:40. Crew arrived to the Jacobson Athletic Complex earlier than 6am. Once leaving Iowa City they will return to Chicago. The technical staff will change, but the talent remains the same.
James Vandenberg represented the offense for the Hawkeyes while Shaun Prater talked about the Hawkeye Defense.

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