Thursday, August 11, 2011

Big Ten Officiating

This is the heart of every Saturday in the Big Ten. This is central control for the conference office and its officials. Located in the Big Ten office the head of the officiating which oversees the Big Ten, Mid-American Conference and Missouri Valley sit in this room keeping a close watch on every game it has officials working.

Jay Reid is the video coordinator is ensures every game is captured and recorded looking at every play. Every week he takes video from the tv copy as well as coaches video of every team in the conference. On a weekly basis he'll put together a training video of some of the more questionable calls.
This year there are three major differences to fans. One is the enforcement of excessive celebration. Now it is a spot foul and points may be taken off the board if it occurs prior to a ball handler enters the end zone. Another rule change is the ten second run off at the end of a half. If the offensive team commits a foul inside :10 of a half the clock will run ten seconds off the clock. And finally the blocking below the waist is another change. Rules have been constantly altered throughout the summer and it will be interesting to see how confusing it will be for fans and commentators  to understand the call as well as coaches and players.

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