Friday, August 5, 2011

Opening Day of Practice at Iowa Football

Receivers working with Coach Erik Campbell
Today marked the first practice for the Iowa Football team. After fifteen workouts in the spring as well as the off-season conditioning, the 2011 season got off to a start today.

The first day of practice can be a long one. Its an early morning for players, coaches and staff starting with meetings. Then the team took to the practice field for the first time as an entire group. Recruited student-athletes finally take the field and try to make their niche into Hawkeye history.

It was also the first practice for the football team to be shot in HD as the nation begins to progress to the better quality for coaches and players.
After practice the players are subjected to many different media opportunities. Some people refer to today as picture day and that is very true. Above players take their turn to take their button photo.
 And after that they are escorted to another room where their head shot is recorded for use by ESPN and other national television markets.
And it doesn't stop there, players meet the media. This is typically the opportunity for members of the player's home team media organizations to get that quick interview. And the major media outlets around the state also get their chance to talk to anyone on the team.
It is close to another month before the kick off against Tennessee Tech and the Hawkeye fans are eager for information on the team. Today is one of very few times they have access to members of the Hawkeye Football family.
 The day ends with the team photo. It is usually tough to keep from squinting during the team photo. The sun glares off the Kinnick Stadium metal bleachers and is tough to look forward while taking the picture. However this year we had overcast skies and a light drizzle making it easier to take the picture.
 And it ended with group photos of the different positions, recruiting areas, and staff members. Above is the video staff for 2011.

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