Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Week Away

One week from today the Iowa Hawkeyes will enter Kinnick Stadium to begin the 2011 season. Over 70,000 fans will enter to see what the new version of the football team has to offer, and if their expectations will be met. It is the first year of the new expanded Big Ten Conference which includes divisional play as well as the addition of Nebraska. But fans of the Hawkeyes will see a few new additions to the home of Iowa Football. Banners have appeared on the exterior of the stadium since early August. Pictures of Fry, Keading, Banks, Gallery and Kinnick greet the black and gold upon entering the gates. And if you look closely you will see each corner of the stadium is designated differently ranging from bowls to all-Americans, to champions and the popular saying founded by Coach Hayden Fry, America Needs Farmers.
Those corners are also represented once inside Kinnick. Displays signifying these different distinctions are found around the different corresponding areas. The south end zone consists of both all-Americans and championships.
And along the top of the north end zone, each bowl the Hawkeyes have played in is displayed alongside the popular ANF logos. Not seen are the retired numbers and the players for who they were retired for. Those can be found in the NE corner, just off the playing surface.

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