Monday, August 29, 2011

College Football Week 1

If you haven't heard, it is finally "Game Week." If you are a fan of college football, you've had to have heard that many times over the last few days. College football fans have been anxiously waiting for the start of the 2011 season. Every year there is anticipation for the upcoming season, but all fans want to the news to come from the field and not be the headline story of the nightly news. But at some time during the year we should expect more stories to headline the news and not the sports. Perhaps not news to other programs, but the NCAA discussing how it will handle the existing troublesome schools. Miami is sure to face severe penalties, LSU continues to learn more about the legal troubles their starting quarterback has gotten into, and Ohio State will most likely learn of its future before the possibility of appearing in an inaugural Big Ten Championship Game.

But I'm looking forward to a few different story lines:
  • How different will Wisconsin's offense be with Russell Wilson leading it.
  • Will Michigan exceed national expectations in Brady Hoke's first season
  • Will Nebraska live up to its fans' expectations as they enter their first season in the Big Ten
  • When will the Big 12 look to add teams to their conference before having to react to a current member leaving.
  • What will be that one BCS conference that doesn't live up to its BCS bowl birth.
  • And who will be the one team ranked low at the beginning of the season, but will be there at the end to vie for the National Championship birth.
The Big Ten starts it off on Thursday and Friday. Two "should be" wins for the conference against programs that have had all Summer to prepare for their spot to knock off a top-dog.

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