Monday, October 24, 2011

College Football Week 9

After seeing so much bad with UCLA football last week, it was time we remembered the good. The Bruins may have hit their low point in the Rick Neuheisel regime. On national television last Thursday, UCLA traveled to Tucson, Arizona to take on a Wildcat team that was trying to salvage anything out of a dismal year. Arizona was playing their first game after the firing of head coach Mike Stoops in front of a crowd a far cry from the packed house we witnessed just over a year ago. Not only did the Bruins lose, but a fight was started in the middle of the second half. Benches cleared, and it was a dark spot on a bad year for UCLA. The Bruins are on the brink of being another program that hasn't been relevant for many years. And if they want to re-capture the Los Angeles fan base, now is the time as USC is suffering through NCAA penalties.

I'm not sure what the executives at ABC were thinking when they placed the Illinois - Penn State game at 2:30, keeping the match-up of #11Michigan State and #14 Nebraska for the earlier ESPN time slot. Either game is good, but when two teams in the top 15 play each other, one would think it would be earmarked for the more glamorous 2:30 spot.

Its tough, but times have changed and the teams who you once cheered against, now may be teams you cheer hardest for. As a member of the Legends division, we now must cheer for Leaders Division teams when playing those of us in the Legends. The win for Michigan State Saturday night looms big moving into November.

Boise State will most likely be passed over for the BCS National Championship, but when is the time coming that they will be part of the battle for #1? They've gone on the road to play top 20 teams, and won. But their allegiance to a conference with little national attention will continue to hurt them, and will quite possibly be used as an excuse if they are passed over. With more preparation time for a bowl game than most other regular season games, Boise State would provide a great show.

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