Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Night Out on the Town

St. Louis is a great baseball town, and as normal as October baseball is in Yankee Stadium, it is just as common in Busch. Down the street from the Redbirds park is a restaurant with a name very popular to Cardinal nation, Joe Buck's.

Joe Buck is the son of Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Buck. Both of the Buck's have a long history of broadcasting Cardinal baseball. Joe recently has passed on his local broadcasting duties and is concentrating on his full-time football and baseball role with Fox. But the Buck name continues to draw fans to his restaurant in downtown St. Louis.

Joe Buck's restaurant has transformed from an up-class sports bar to one of the best bar-b-que's in the St. Louis area. The bar-b-que is the seperating factor from many of the other fine dining establishments in the area. And considering this is an establishment with one of the more famous names in the city flocks of fans will continue to support this establsihment mo matter what is on the menu.

And recently Joe Buck's has decided to try and compete with the many clubs in the area by turning its rooftop into a DJ playing relaxed night club. The view is great as it overlooks the city of St. Louis, the Arch and Busch Stadium. The rooftop is only open during the Summer on Friday and Saturday nights. Not a very well-known spot, but a great place to be on a July night.

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