Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homecoming at Iowa

Being employed with the football team since being a student at Iowa I wanted to have the feel of being a normal student on campus. Working in athletics as a student I found myself consumed with Iowa Football every day in the fall. But in 1991 I wanted to have that "college" experience. I decided to volunteer to be the Parade Coordinator.

As a member of the Homecoming Council I found myself joining an organization that was full of individuals who knew each other from the Greek system on campus. There were only two...maybe three that didn't fit that description. I know another was the Homecoming PR person.

Meeting of the Homecoming Council typically came at a time when I had practice responsibilities with the football team. The Head of the Homecoming Council was a friend, and understood the hours I had to put in. She would keep me informed, but I was lacking that experience I was looking for.

I did spend time in the Homecoming Office, which provided a great opportunity to know my fellow classmates better. And I would do things college students would do on an Iowa City Friday night with some of members of the committee. We'd have good times, but there was still that "Greek" wall between us. I couldn't relate to them, now them with I and my athletic background.

But one member on the council and I shared a similar bond - neither of us were "Greek" members. We didn't know each other well since I didn't regularly attend the meetings. But our home towns weren't far apart, and our high schools were in the same conference.

After the parade a few of us went out to celebrate. Friday night culminated a week long series of events and it would be one of the last time many of us would be together. It would be the PR person, the Homecoming Head and a few others going from establishment to establishment on the night. And I thought that would be the last time I would see many of my fellow committee members. But....

The Homecoming PR person - who was not Greek, from the town near mine, and high school in my conference - would see me again a few years later. And thankfully I did participate in a campus activity, because if I hadn't, the PR person and I wouldn't have met, and we wouldn't have been married.

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