Saturday, October 1, 2011

Drake Football

In America football is the most popular sport. The discussion comes up if it is more popular at the high school, college or professional level. Merchandise sales and overall TV ratings may say the professional level is tops while the high schools has the support of each local town throughout the country. However I think the most popular level of the sport may come at the college level. Every Saturday stadiums draw alums, students or the general fan. And there are fans at every level of the college game. While some stadiums are closer to capacity than others, fans still come out to support their local team.

Today my son and I went to the stadium that my dad and I ventured to often when I was young. My dad was the Drake grad, and thirty years ago the historic stadium seemed as big as the college stadium in Iowa City. But now as I return, the sides aren't as tall, and the crowds aren't as large. But fans and students continue to turn out to support their Bulldogs.
And on a beautiful day where there was no competition for the fan's attention from Iowa (Bye Week), Iowa State (night game) or any of the other local teams, fans turned out. But no more than a typical day compared to the one of today. Drake defeated Campbell 31-14 and continued to improve its Pioneer Football League Standings.

A week from today the Hawkeyes return to action in State College, Pennsylvania.

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