Monday, October 3, 2011

Night Out on the Town

Green Bay, Wisconsin is a very unique spot. Located in the NE corner of the state it is best known for the Packers and the love affair between town and team. Lambeau Field (home to the Packers) is more than a football stadium. Rather it is the central meeting place for citizens to all of the town's events. Traffic comes to a stop on home football Sundays as many of the residents are either at the game or have a job with some relation to what goes on within the stadium. And the tailgating takes place in all parking lots as well as yards and any other place where a car can fit. But across the street from the stadium is one unique pre-game hot spot.

Kroll's West could be mistaken for the closest Perkin's.  It is a family restaurant, which on any weekday is the typical family restaurant that serves most anything for mom, dad, son or daughter. But on a Packer Sunday it transcends into a party for everyone dressed in green and gold.

My only visit to Kroll's was prior to a playoff game in 2002. Not being familiar with the restaurant I saw a parking lot with live bands and a beer garden stocked well beyond what is necessary. But walking in it was the breakfast hot spot around the stadium. But prior to the game it was the outside party atmosphere that attracted me.

Tailgating is either meant for friends around the car in the parking lot, or around a lot of people listening to fine music and drinking cold refreshments. On a cold day in January inside is believed to the prime destination. But those in the the Badger State's northeast corner can handle the cold as if it was a distraction and the live music is the hot spot to be. It is the mail draw before and after each Packer game.

Like many things in Green Bay, Kroll's West is a friendly gathering for all football fans outside Lambeau Field. But it is also a business with split personalities. A family restaurant that jumps with fans of all ages for many hours Sundays in the Fall

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