Monday, November 28, 2011

Urban Meyer the newest Buckeye

I wonder how many of the names on the plaque went on to coach against the Nittany Lions. I'm assuming Urban Meyer is the first.

With the hiring of Meyer by The Ohio State University, it improves the quality of coaching in the Big Ten Conference. Meyer had much success at Florida and Utah before that, and much is expect in Columbus. There are still positions to be filled at Penn State and Illinois so until those are made it will be hard to debate this, but collectively, where will the Big Ten rate - as a conference - among the BCS conference schools in quality of coaches.

The debate would begin with how to measure it. Number of National Championship? Number of Conference Championships? Individual game win? Number of players to the NFL? Those that graduated?

The are other conferences that have their share of coaching changes, most notably the Pac 12. Based on Meyer's history, it brings increased credibility to the Big Ten.

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