Saturday, August 4, 2012

Indoor Practice with a Different Look

When inclement weather forced the Iowa Football inside, most of the last twenty five years it occurred in the iconic "bubble" located north of Kinnick Stadium. At the time it was a one of a kind facility that included a regulation football field, uncommon at the time it was built. Today a new chapter of indoor practice began as the Hawkeyes entered a new permanent structure very different than a building inflated. A regulation field inside a "barn-like" building situated inside the Kenyon Practice Facility.

In the old bubble, the video staff had to shoot from lifts that were placed on the field. Phases of the game such as kick offs and two minute drills had to be compromised as players negotiated around a scissor lift. A lift placed in one of the end zones became a target for field goal practice. And pads needed to be placed around all to ensure the safety of the players and video personnel. The new indoor building has permanent platforms finding video staffers off the playing field. Something coaches, players and videographers all like.

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