Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kid's Day

A tradition that started in the early years of Kirk Ferentz' tenure as Iowa Head Coach, Kid's Day has evolved into a primary event on the football schedule every August. Yesterday's event drew over 10,000 fans of all ages to watch the first real scrimmage of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

The first year of Kid's Day found hundreds of fans with their lawn chairs and blankets surrounding the Kenyon Practice Facility with an up close look at the program. The only thing separating the fans and team was a try link fence. Our lifts were immersed within the fans, and I had to dodge each one to retrieve tapes that were dropped from above in baskets.
Now the event is in Kinnick Stadium with concessions, HawkVision and loud music played throughout the practice. Instead of fighting fans to retrieve tapes we now must dodge them as they stand in lines for food, posters and games to get from one end of the stadium to the other. The event has almost become a bigger deal for fans than the annual spring game, typically held on a cool and damp day in April.

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