Monday, August 20, 2012

Start of Classes

Camp for the Iowa Football has come to a temporary stop as classes begin on the University of Iowa campus. The "camp" mindset may be over, but the team continues to operate in that mode on the practice field. Monday was a day off for the team and video staff, but everything continues on Tuesday. Its always a great day for the video staff as this is the one day they are all guaranteed to be passing all classes. Of course I don't give the crew enough credit.

On the first day of classes the Princeton Review announced the University of Iowa campus is the #2 Party School. This is a rise from a lower ten finish a year ago. I don't think this is what the Iowa City City Council had in mind when passing an ordnance forbidding those 19yr olds and below in an establishment where the majority of their sales are of the alcoholic type. This legislation was to curb underage drinking, but it doesn't appear it has much of an adverse effect on the school.

While watching the Little League World Series on ESPN earlier today I couldn't help but wonder how many days of school these kids are missing. It doesn't seem to be an issue when the season ends for many in the months of July and early August. But school is opening around the country and no one is concerned about the number of days are missed. Many say this is a great opportunity for the kids.

It is, but then why is it such a big deal that college-aged students want to extend their season for football and to play a game for the national championship. Wouldn't this be a great opportunity for the men?

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