Monday, August 27, 2012

Night Out on the Town

Another season and a new year of Night Out on the Town. For the first installment I look at a favorite that has been spotlighted before. Harry Caray's is not a chain, but a popular spot found in many different places throughout Chicago. And with the Hawkeyes beginning their season in the Windy City, it was important to highlight this tasty restaurant suited for the sports fan.

Of the Chicago locations, I've been to three of them. There had been one in Midway Airport (now gone) as well as one in Wrigleyville (again, gone), and each had its own flair. The same can be said for the other three I've dined at.

First is the original restaurant downtown, a few blocks from the nearest Red Line stop. It consists of the fine dining area, a bar area where food is also served, and upstairs is a ballroom where many of the major sports teams will send their premier athletes for a chance for fans to ask questions. A night I was there the line to eat with the Blackhawks stretched down the stairs and out the door. The signature dish is the Chicken Vesuvio (shown below) and it lives up to expectations.

 Near O'Hare Airport is another location attachd to the Holiday Inn. Another fine dining spot for a great steak. It is one of the locations with the largest outdoor seating. There isn't much to gaze upon, but it is quiet (except for an occasional passing plane) and pleasant - away from the city's noisy traffic. It has the same menu as the downtown location.
Holy Cow!
That leaves us with the last location and the premise for showcasing it this week. Harry Caray's Tavern is located at Navy Pier, the Pier that will host the Hawkeye Huddle, the pre-game gathering spot of Hawkeye Fans before Iowa Football away games. The Huddle is at the ballroom on the pier, but the Tavern isn't far, and it has outdoor seating with views of the Chicago Skyline. Aside from the great menu my son was excited for the Goose Island Root Beer, which comes in a bottle the staff will package up to take home. TVs surround the eating area, and it will be a good place to escape to after the Huddle and watch another Big Ten team, Michigan State take on Boise State. And for Bears games, fans can tailgate here then take the water taxi down Lake Michigan to Soldier Field for the ballgame.

There have been many restaurants in Chicago founded by Chicago's sports personalities, but Harry Caray's has stood the test of time, at the same location and with the same staff.

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Harry Caray's said...

Hi Engy!

Thank you for this awesome review of Harry Caray's! We are still open at Midway if you are ever in the area!

Holy Cow!
Harry Caray's