Saturday, August 18, 2012


Changes in technology have occurred over the years. But with those changes, many things have stayed the same. How to shoot football hasn't changed. Having it ready for the coaches once they are in their office is still as important today as it was the first day I started. And dating back to that first day I started, the Video Football League (VFL) continues to be enjoyed the staff members.

VFL is played by members of the video staff prior to practice. It has always been important to set up the camera equipment early in order to troubleshoot any issues that arise. That leaves time to play some football before the players begin to arrive. Most often it is the only time members of the staff have to get some exercise in during a busy day.

To begin play, three players are required, with one being an all-time quarterback. But if you have at least four, and that was all we were allowed to have on staff, the rules change to 2 v 2 and the boundary is the hash to the sideline, beginning at the 25, withe tree downs to make a TD.

Over the years different student staffs take different levels of activity. From the very involved to those who use the extra time to relax and ready themselves for the imminent practice involvement. Today the number of full-time staff members have stayed the same, the number of volunteers has increased. Thus the 2 on 2 game has now evolved to three on three.

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