Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Davenport QB Club

Wednesdays during the football season, the Davenport Quarterback Club comes together at the exclusive "The Outings Club" to listen to various members of the Hawkeye Athletic Department give a little insight into each of their departments. Kicking the series off every year is the Director of Athletics at Iowa, Gary Barta. Then after that it is various head coaches (Lisa Bluder, Tom Brands) as well as notable assistants of many of the other sports.

The Club has been around for nearly 50 years and the requirements to get in are high (and secretive), but those who are involved are treated to a terrific meal courtesy of "The Outings Club" staff as well as an inside look into the happenings in Iowa City. On this Wednesday night they were treated to an enjoyable evening of equipment and video. Prior to my presentation the Shoe Guy, Greg Morris spoke of the new material of uniform as well as comparing the different helmet of players and the new type of football being used the Hawkeye offense every week of the 2011 season.
I followed up with a presentation of the latest advancements of video in the football world. The Club was able to see the different videos the coaching staff look at on a regular basis as well as the new video format being used this year (HD) and how it compared with the old Standard Def.

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