Monday, November 14, 2011

College Football Week 11

Congratulations go to Drake. They are the co-Champs of the Pioneer Football League. The Bulldogs will either tie Jacksonville or San Diego - the two play each other this weekend - and Drake's season came to a close this past Saturday. The season started out last June in Africa as they played an exhibition game while assisting the local communities with new buildings, and overall acts of kindness. The Drake program has been successful under Chris Creighton, but this overseas trip may have been beneficial in bringing together the Drake squad.

The news at Penn State was a mix of emotions. And while I have my thoughts about those involved we are outsiders to what is going on. It is easy for us to see things black and white. Those closer to the situation, the emotions of the situation can blur what is right and wrong. Definitely it was wrong for the Penn State students to riot in the streets, but I hope that was a loud minority making the scene look worse than what it should've been. Today the Big Ten announced it was taking the Paterno name off the Big Ten Football Championship Trophy. It was the right thing to do, but they shouldn't stop there. There are many trophies bearing the name of past Big Ten Legends and Leaders. The Conference may want to find another way to honor their past stars rather than placing names on trophies. They should look to the sport of wrestling and how they handle Championship night. Parade these past heroes on the field prior to the Championship game and allow two to be honorary captains to the teams with another past great flip the coin. Placing their name on the trophy is a nice gesture, but make them part of the game.

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