Monday, November 7, 2011

Night Out on the Town

Across the street from the State Capitol of Wisconsin, and adjacent to the UW-Madison campus The Old Fashioned is the popular place for drinks, food and conversation.

One would think being so close to the lawmakers of the Badger State that politics would be the main conversation piece. And while I'm sure there is a place for that, The Old Fashioned may be the place where lobbyists and locals go to get away from the dealings of Capitol Hill and talk more about what the Badgers are doing on the playing field, ice or basketball court.

But this is the place where memories are made. On a Saturday in May I found myself witnessing three different wedding parties stopping by before heading to their reception. All to enjoy either the signature drink, "The Old Fashioned" or many of the local brews found around the state of Wisconsin. And all of the wedding parties I saw each had their pictures taken with either the sign on the front or the bar within.

Many of the beers are of the local variety. And when you are in Wisconsin, restaurants can provide a large beer list with those within the borders. The sign hanging from the ceiling behind the bar can give you the variety of the day, but there is always at least two or three that will satisfy, and one or two that provide intrigue. The food must be good as it is tough to find a table at the many different dining hours. Wisconsin inspired specialties are common on the menu.

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