Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I don't say much about my workplace in this blog, but it recently had a bit of a renovation. The video offices of the football complex haven't had much done to it over the last twenty years. However we added a little extra space and moved some things around. In the process I added a little subtle touch. Keeping in line with newsrooms and how they had clocks showing the time in different areas around the world (e.g. New York, Tokyo, London, etc), I decided to do something similar. Now in our video offices I have two clocks on the way. One signifies the time in our town of Iowa City, while the other clocks has the time in Pasadena, California (home to the Rose Bowl). Although the road to this year's Rose Bowl may be non-existent, I wanted my video staff to do what the ultimate goal should be for us.

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