Monday, November 14, 2011

Night Out on the Town

Navy Pier
We have focused on this establishment earlier in the series, but it centered on the flagship establishment. The downtown Harry Caray's in Chicago is a favorite of mine. Walking in the different sports memorabilia greet you, either on the walls or in the display cases. And all of the signed pictures are definitely of people who have dined at this restaurant, either as guests of Harry Caray, or out of respect  for the iconic Chicago broadcaster.

But very similar pictures also hang in two other popular Harry Caray's locations. Whether or not these celebrities have dined there isn't the point, the name on the sign will draw people in, but the food is definitely what will keep them coming back.

There are two other locations to enjoy Harry Caray's specialties, but the crowds will make it as difficult to find a table as is the one downtown. One is located on Navy Pier.
O'Hare Location
At the Navy Pier location, the summer months is the best time to dine. A nice outdoor patio, overlooking Lake Michigan and the Chicago Skyline is a perfect place to enjoy the warm sunny days. On Fall Sunday afternoons, the restaurant is the docking point to take Bear fans to Soldier Field by boat. Considering the traffic and lack of parking around the stadium, this is a good idea to enjoy pre and post game tailgating. And since Navy Pier is an ideal for tourists, families are a big part of the business. They treat the kids well by providing a dish of ice cream with all of the kid's meals, and Goose Island Root Beer by the bottle is the popular drink of choice. The staff at Harry Caray's is proud of the local Chicago brew that they will wrap up the bottle for the kids to take home.

Harry Caray's is also located near O'Hare airport. This can be for the families in the suburbs, but this locations caters to the business travelers who have business in the area. As opposed to the downtown spots, there is nothing that would attract families to this HC located off the lobby of a Holiday Inn Express. The same photos line the wall, and it has a beautiful outdoor patio. And on the night we were there, it was a perfect night to sit outside and enjoy an outstanding meal.

The only downside? good as the food is, it doesn't come cheap. However it is worth every cent. A dinner here will not disappoint and you will be satisfied walking away.

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