Monday, November 22, 2010

College Football Week 12

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This week we'll add a picture of the Nebraska Cheerleaders. We want to make sure Bo Pellini is unhappy with us....If Nebraska thinks the Big 12 isn't giving them any breaks in their last year of football with the conference, the Big 10 didn't do them any favors withe the scheduling in 2011. Games against Kansas and Colorado are replaced with Wisconsin, Ohio State, Penn State as well as in-division rivals such as Michigan, Michigan State and Iowa. After that, Lawrence and Boulder may not look so bad.....Wisconsin has had the opportunity to put style points up against a few teams this year. It isn't a given this Saturday when Northwestern travels to Madison. But Ohio State hosts a porous Michigan Defense, and it shouldn't surprise anyone if the Buckeye Offense looks to impress against the rival Wolverines......This is the first year the Big Ten has extended their regular season until Thanksgiving weekend. Among the reasons for doing this is to help prepare conference teams for bowl season. Once the 2010 bowl season is over, it will be interesting to see how different the conference teams look compared to that of past years.

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