Monday, November 8, 2010

Sights of Bloomington

From my first trip to Bloomington in 1992 until 2008 the Iowa Football team would stay at a resort just to the south of town near Lake Monroe. In 2008 the team moved closer to the stadium, only a block away. But this last trip the Hawkeyes stayed just off the downtown square at a Hilton Garden Hotel.
It was definitely an eye opening experience to see what the downtown square had to offer. And it is a sqaure much similar to one found in many Iowa small towns. Walking around I wouldn't know if I was in this college town or Oskaloosa, Iowa. At the center of the square is the county court house, reminiscent to the courthouse seen in Back to the Future.
Many college towns are known for their lively art scene. The Indiana Theatre is just off the square but home to many smaller productions and muscial acts. Surrounding the theatre are many coffee shops, speicalty food shops and book stores. 
On the square are different clothing store options for all ages, sexes and  attire. Many different restaurant options are available. Italian, sandwich, and family restaurants are also shared by the many small bars and pubs.
But the college atmosphere isn't far away. Only a few blocks away is Nick's English Hut, one of our destinations in 2008. It is the oldest bar in Bloomington and the center of the student crowd.

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