Sunday, November 28, 2010

New TCF Bank Stadium

The Iowa Hawkeyes didn't end the 2010 season where many had predicted them at the beginning of the season. Their fifth loss of the season took place at the newest stadium in the Big Ten, TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of Minneosta. Below are some of the images from the new venue and the surrounding area.
One of the only college stadiums that doesn't run North - South. TCF runs more East - West to allow spectators a view of downtown Minneapolis.
Williams Arena is home to Gopher basketball, wrestling and volleyball. One of the oldest basketball facilities in the Big Ten.

Mariucci Arena is home to Gopher men's and women's ice hockey.

TCF is located across the street from William Arena and Mariucci Arena.

Not the real Floyd. Apparently they have missed him for quite some time that any pig would do.
Me and Goldy. The only reason I can give you for why I did the above picture is that he was there and I already had my picture with the Syracuse Orange.
Gary and Ed ready to take to the air on the Hawkeye Sports Network.

A more entertaining game taking place at half time.

Located throughout TCF Bank Stadium is a list of all of the credentials handed out on a gamely basis, and where each pass allows to the holder to roam. So throughout the lower level of the stadium the picture of Mike Grimm is everywehre. Grimm, former WMT announcer and play by play voice of the Iowa Women's Basketball team, he is now calling the action of Tubby Smith and the Minnesota men. Above is Mike showing everyone at TCF what a credential looks like.
Sun sets on downtown Minneapolis. The Hawkeyes lost and Floyd of Rosedale will reside in the Twin Cities until October of 2011, if not later.

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