Monday, November 8, 2010

End of an Era

Monday ESPN announced the Sunday Night Broadcasting Team of twenty years will not return for 2011. Jon Miller and Joe Morgan have been the voice of the weekly game of the week since NBC lost its rights after the 1989 season. Back then many of us became accustomed to the sounds of Vin Scully and Joe Garigola (or Tom Seave in '89) as one broadcasting team or Bob Costas and Tony Kubek as the other. Following that year, ESPN was the only network that promised a game of the week with a broadcasting crew that remained consistent.

Whether or not you liked the controversial Joe Morgan, Jon Miller became the voice of baseball. The Saturday game of the week on Fox brings us Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, but Miller is the voice of ESPN as well as the San Francisco Giants. Buck and McCarver have no other local team responsibilities which makes Miller special. He takes us back to someone like Scully who also worked the Dodger games with his NBC responsibilities.

Morgan will not be missed and can be replaced, but Miller is a baseball voice that will hard to be replaced.

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