Monday, November 15, 2010

Photos from Ryan Field

Saturday's Iowa road game wasn't one of the more memorable trips to the Windy City. It was a rainy, windy, dreary day on Chicago's North Side which found the Hawkeye on the losing side. But it was the first time since 1985 Ryan Field was a sell out for a team other than Michigan or Ohio State, and the Hawkeye fans showed up in full support of their favorite team. Below are some of the sights from the day.
Early in the day the Chicago skyline was bearly visible over the top of Ryan Field in Evanston.
I called them the One Tree Hill gang, but (R-L) it was Chad, Michael, Derek who accompianied me on Saturday from the video staff. I'm off to the left.
It was the Chicago Skyline to the south, but Lake Michigan was only a few blocks to the east of Ryan Field. Just beyond the field past the Northwestern locker rooms is Welsh - Ryan Arena, the home to the university's basketball teams as well as the annual Midlands Wrestling Tournament. On top of the Northwestern football locker rooms is a scaffolding that lets ESPN and each visiting team shoot an end zone shot. Before the locker room was built, that shot was taken from the top of Welsh - Ryan Arena, and in 1995 it was a cold spot to shoot from as the game time temperature was 2F.
At halftime Rob Brooks of Learfield Radio Network interviews Iowa Football Coach, Kirk Ferentz.
A closer look at the scaffolding. On the lower level is the Northwestern replay board camera with ESPN on top in the middle. Northwestern takes the far top position as Michael is on the near side.
Aside from the bowl game, the Iowa Marching Band and Dance Team makes one road trip a year. Saturday the Iowa Dance Team had to deal with the rain and wind.
Northwestern students stormed the field following the upset of #12 Iowa. It was the last game of the 2010 season at Ryan Field. This Saturday Northwestern hosts Illinois at Wrigley Field

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