Monday, November 15, 2010

Senior Week

The last home week of every Iowa Football season is a sentimental one. It is the last time the senior class will play in front of their adoring fans at Kinnick Stadium and there are many events that lead up to that final day. Today the Senior class sat down in front of the camera to record a video that will be shown to the team the night before this week's Ohio State game. The video has every senior answer, "What Does It Mean to be an Iowa Hawkeye?"

This is a tradition that started in the second year for Head Coach, Kirk Ferentz. On Monday each senior takes a few minutes to answer the question, it is edited during the week and then shown at the team meeting Friday night. The video is also shown at the annual Iowa Football Awards Banquet in December. This year's highlights the 26 seniors which will also be honored Saturday before the game.

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