Monday, November 1, 2010

Night Out on the Town

Not necessarily thought of as a restaurant you would go for a night out, Crepes de luxe Cafe may be the ideal location for either breakfast or lunch.

Formerly a transit cart located in Iowa City's Pedestrian Mall, this little crepe shop moved to its current location of 309 E. College St in Iowa City nearly a year ago. And unless you weren't looking for it, you would pass it by as it blends in with the other specialty shops in the downtown area.

A wide variety of crepes are offered, but I went with the basic Nutella. Made to order while you wait, it had the smell and look of any one of the shops you would purchase the same crepe in Paris. But if you are willing to try something a little more daring fillings can include PB&J, Spinach, Cheese, Egg, Chicken, Ham, Turkey, and Ground Beef.

Look for them on Facebook along with the other housewives that frequent the little shop.

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