Monday, September 5, 2011

College Football Week 2

Is Texas A&M bolting for the SEC, or another conference? The Magic 8 Ball points to yes, and this Aggie Cheerleader would agree. The Big 12 is quickly disintegrating and some of the non-Big 12 South Schools need to start looking for a new home.

Weather was the headline to week one of college football. Delays were forced in Iowa City, Ann Arbor, South Bend, and Morgantown while Eastern Michigan decided to wait a day before attempting to play theirs. Never have I seen it rain as hard with as strong of winds in Kinnick Stadium for a football game. Many I talked to who have spent many years going to Iowa Football games agreed.
I must give much credit to Boise State. A year ago I still doubted the Broncos following a win in Washington D.C. over the nearby Virginia Tech Hokies. Then I said that it is much easier to prepare for a team when they have months to do so. They were in the same scenario again this year playing in Atlanta against the home Georgia Bulldogs. Boise stepped up to the challenge this year and proved they could play with the big boys. Give BSU credit, they haven't shied away from taking on a challenge of playing a BCS team on the road.

However Mark Richt may be facing his last year "between the hedges." The Bulldog faithful are becoming impatient with the recent status of the Georgia program. A BCS bowl game appearance or SEC championship may be the only way Richt can save his job. He cannot afford anything less than 9-3.

This week many eyes will be on Ann Arbor for the first night game in Michigan Stadium history. First year head coach of the Wolverines, Brady Hoke would've preferred to get some more plays in before weather halted their game with Western Michigan. Will Michigan be prepared to take on Notre Dame?

And can we put an end to the experimental uniforms given to teams? Those that look cool are fewer than those that are over the top. See Maryland.

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