Monday, September 5, 2011

Night Out on the Town

Sports Column, Denver, Colorado
What has been a popular spot in Iowa City is now also the place to be in Denver, Colorado. The Sports Column has evolved its Iowa City location over the years. It started out as a small "hole-in-the-wall" bar on Dubuque St., but took over a cleaners and grew into one of the largest bar/restaurants in the downtown area.

In Iowa City the nicknames the college students refer to it have changed from one generation to another. I'm assuming upon its opening many referred to it by name. But then in the 80s and early 90s everyone knew it by "The Column." But those who have been attending Iowa the last ten plus years now refer to it as "SpoCo."

In the mid-90s the Sports Column expanded outside of their Iowa City location. Prior to the building of Coors Field in Denver, the Sports Column moved in down the street. It is now the most popular post-game place for Rockies fans, and the place to watch college football, especially Iowa Hawkeye football in the Mile High City.

Both locations are very similar. The inside is reminiscent of each other, and the menu also offers some of the Iowa City favorites, with names that would make anyone from the Hawkeye State recognize. But the one difference is the addition of a roof-top beer garden. And with the lack of humidity, it is a very popular spot in the warmer months.

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