Monday, September 19, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Championship

In the Spring the video coordinators and members of their staff from schools such as Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Penn State, Michigan State, Arkansas and Florida State conducted a draft for their fantasy baseball league. After six months four teams made the playoffs and the final two are fighting it out for the championship.

A week ago the division champs managed by David Blaker of Wisconsin and Pat Foley of Penn State fell to their wild card participants, Matt Harper of Michigan State and myself. So now in the finals it is one Matt against another. But better yet it is "Millen" (operated by Matt Engelbert based on the friendship the former Detroit Lions GM has with the Iowa Video Staff) against "Millen Sucks" (operated by the Detroit Lion fan himself, Matt Harper).

The finals last Monday thru Sunday. Hopefully you'll find out the winner on this site.

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