Monday, September 19, 2011

Night Out on the Town

A favorite spot for my family and I to eat out in Downtown Chicago is Rock Bottom Brewery and Grill. And there are many advantages to this establishment among many outstanding dining options.

My first experience to Rock Bottom in Chicago was the rooftop patio. It isn't the highest spot in Chicago, but its located atop the second floor and allows for a decent view of the surrounding area. But more importantly there is plenty of room to relax and enjoy a cool beverage on a hot Summer night. It is a popular spot in the early weeknight evenings as the many young professionals end up there after work. On the weekends it becomes busier with Cub and baseball fans who look for a different spot than the surrounding Wrigley area.

As a family we enjoy going there as it also caters to little kids. The child's menu has many selections, but the most popular has to be the make your own pizza. The Rock Bottom staff will bring to the table a flat piece of dough with cups of cheese, sauce and the one topping requested. Our son put the pizza together with the ingredients, and then it was placed in the oven to be cooked. Not much time expired before every one's meals were out for all to enjoy. The kids have to be excited to see what their hard work yielded.

Rock Bottom has their own varieties of beers, and I don't recall the name of mine, but I found one which was very enjoyable. My son enjoyed his bottle of root beer waiting for his pizza to be cooked. All of us enjoyed the drink as well as the experience.

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