Saturday, September 3, 2011

Iowa Opens 2011 Season in Downpour

The 2011 season opened with a bang and a strike, or thunder and lightning which caused a delay in the Iowa football game with Tennessee Tech. A sell out crowd weathered the hardest rain to hit Kinnick Stadium on game day in the Kirk Ferentz era until lightning caused an hour thirty one minute delay at the 3:37 mark in the 3rd quarter.

Big plays highlighted the day on both offense and defense. But as the rain continued to fall on the Kinnick Stadium surface, the ball became harder to control. And according to the Iowa radio broadcast with Gary Dolphin and Ed Podolak, it was reported the Golden Eagles only brought six football with them on the road trip.
But as eager as the Hawkeye faithful were to start the season, many were ready to call it a day when the storms caused a delay. Fans headed for on-campus buildings or cars to wait out the delay, or decided to stand in line for the Hawkeye express and head home.

At 1-0, the Hawkeyes travel to Ames in one week to take on the Iowa State Cyclones.

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Anonymous said...

6 gameballs made the trip to Kinnick for Tennessee Tech?! Wow. I have at least that many (with the NIKE swoosh on them no less) in my house. Regardless, I love your site and enjoy the content. Keep it up, Matt.