Monday, September 26, 2011

College Football Week 5

Welcome to Wisconsin and Welcome to the Big Ten. The feeling of Nebraska playing Big Ten football hasn't sunk in since the Cornhuskers have been playing Wyoming, Fresno State and Washington. This pre-conference scheduling isn't any different than in years that Oklahoma State, Baylor and Kansas State ensued. But now those fans of the Big Ten, who have been anxious for the Big Red to join want to show the folks from Lincoln how tough the Big Ten can be. This will definitely be a tough ticket. Historic Camp Randall will certainly be electric and fans from Philadelphia to Ogalala will be tuned in to watch.
Over a month ago a Facebook friend posted she had four tickets available for Iowa State and Texas in Ames this Saturday night. At the time I knew this was our off-week and it would be an interesting game to attend. But now that the game is days away, it will certainly be the night Cyclone fans anticipate on a more regular basis. Although not a fan of either team, I need to give props to the 'Clones. In three games they have beat a top five team from FCS, outlasted our Hawkeyes in 3OTs and went on the road and beat the defending Big East Champs. A win over Texas will bring them their national attention they deserve.

And Wisconsin - Nebraska isn't the only big game in the conference. A year ago Michigan State and Ohio State tied for the conference title, although they didn't play each. other. The Buckeyes went on to the Sugar Bowl while Michigan State earned the non-BCS bowl game, Capital One Bowl and lost to Alabama. This is the Spartans' opportunity to prove on the field what they couldn't a year ago. This is a big game for Ohio State. Dropping this game at home makes the following week's game at Nebraska even more important.

And for the Hawkeyes, the off-week comes at a time that will help prepare them for conference play. This is the week the video staff makes sure all video is available for the staff and ensuring all video is in place for the upcoming schedule.

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